Top 5 lip products!

Hello again! I have seen this post a few times and as I have a slight obsession with lip products I thought that I would would share with you my favourite ones! Ill do a mix of high street brands and higher, more expensive brands! Hope you enjoy!

My go lipstick on a daily basis has to be my Nars ‘Scarlet Empress’ lipstick. I purchased this item just before summer of 2014 and I cannot get enough of it! I seemed to be wearing it everyday! Especially in the winter months I love wearing the dark reds on my lips and I just think this one is perfect! It is long lasting and doesn’t dry out my lips! Whilst it’s a little bit more pricey, I would strongly recommend this lipstick for anyone who loves lipstick just as much as me!


Secondly, sticking to the more expensive brands, I absolutely love the Chanel ‘Rouge Allure Velvet’ in the shade 39. This is also a very dark red. Iv had this lipstick for quite a while now and I can’t get enough of it! It’s brilliantly long lasting! The only issue I have with this lipstick is that it can be quite difficult to apply and I personally “dabb” it onto my lips so that I get the constituency right for me. However, once it is on I just love it!


Going for more of a high street brand, I strongly recommend the The Body Shop ‘colour crush’ lipsticks. They have very much the same texture and appliance as the YSL ‘Rouge Volupte’ Lipstick. It is extra easy to apply and is so soft on the lips rather than that matte feeling that many lipsticks can give. For such a cheap price, I think it is one of the best lipsticks I have!


On more of a lipgloss line, I have recently come to use the Soap and Glory ‘ Sexy mother Pucker’. I got this product as a christmas present and is not something that I would have considered to be a favourite. However, after applying it for the first time I fell in love! I have had many days where I have re-done my makeup purely so I could wear this lipgloss! that is how much I love it! It doesn’t make my lips feel sticky like normal lip glosses and it tastes quite nice too! As a plumper it also does an amazing job! I love big bold lips and this defiantly does the job!


Okay, so I couldn’t do a lipstick blog and not mention my YSL ‘rouge Volupte’ lipsticks. I love them!! They were the first high branded lipsticks that I had purchased. From the day I purchased my first one in Selfridges, I have never looked back! They are amazing. They are super easy to apply and last all day! And lets be honest, The packaging is so damn cute! I would also recommend their ‘Sheer Candy’ version too!


I could keep going for hours, but Ill only stick to my top 5 as you probably wouldn’t want to read about my obsession for lip products for too long! hope you enjoyed and hopefully I helped any of you who are looking for new lip products! Thankyou for reading!:)

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