It’s been a busy week and today has been the first chance I have had some spare time to myself. So I dragged out one of my friends and went shopping and decided I would tell you all what I got! As a student can I just enhance that I am now officially broke.

Okay so firstly, we went into boots and I decided that I would treat myself to some makeup which wouldn’t cost as much as my makeup usually does. As I have a massive lipstick (or anything lips) obsession, I tried my absolute hardest today to stay away from lip products. The reason for this is due to the fact that I really want to purchase the new Tom Ford, Charlotte Tilbury and YSL lipsticks and my logic was if I didn’t buy any lip products today then I wouldn’t feel guilty for purchasing more expensive ones soon! But enough of that! lets get started!

So I picked up the Bourjois, ‘Maxi delight bronzer’. This is not a brand that I have used before but have seen many good reviews by beauty bloggers online. It was the first counter I actually saw in the shops and it just stood out and I couldn’t resist!

IMG_5785     Bronzer – £8.09

Next, I went over to the L’Oreal counter. My Telescopic mascara was beginning to run out and this was something that I was in desperate need of! Mascara is the only beauty product that I almost refuse to try different products of. I have been using the L’Oreal Telescopic mascara for about nine months now and this is my third one. I just think it’s absolutely amazing, I am yet to find better!!

IMG_5788   Telescopic mascara – £9.89

After this, I then decided that I wanted a new foundation. Whilst I do have about ten different foundations that are all very full, I’ve recently realised that they are all high branded. This made me think that as a student I should purchase a cheaper one that I could wear on a day to dat basis. I have seen many fantastic reviews about the Rimmel Wake me up foundation and concealer. So I decided that I would pick them both up and see if they really do live up to the expectations!

IMG_5787 Foundation – £8.09/ Concealer – £4.94

Finally, I did pick up a lip liner. Whilst I was trying really hard not too, I realised that my red lip liner had run out and thereby I had no choice in the matter!

IMG_5789 Lip Liner – £3.59

Once we had finished in Boots, I decided that I wanted to buy myself a new pair of ankle boots as mine were looking a bit rough. I went into new look and couldn’t decide between two pairs. However, Being with a guy made it a lot easier as he told me that the first pair were disgusting and that I should get the second and thereby picked them up only to notice that they were reduced to £18.50, bargain!!

IMG_5791 Shoes – £18.50

Hope you enjoyed!:)

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