Girls night out!

Last night all the girls got together and went on a night out in town. I thought I would I would show the look I went for and how I accomplished it! So lets get started!

I first started by cleansing my face and moisturising! I did this by using my Liz Earle set which I used to cleans and moisturise my face. I then used my Nutritive eye gel and cream under the bottoms of my eyes.


After this I began with my makeup. I first prime my face with my No.7 primer. This is a very important step as it means that all of my makeup would remain on my face throughout the night.

– After this I began with my concealing. For this I use my Benefit ‘Boi-ing’ which I place on all my blemished areas. I then set this with my Chanel powder.
– I then apply my foundation. For this stage I mix my Nars matte  foundation in the shade Gobbi light3 and my L’oreal Nude Eau De Tent shade 190. I feel that these two foundations leave me with the perfect complexion and shade for my skin tone.
– I then highlight and contour my face. For this I use my YSL highlighter and my collection work the colour set. I highlight under my eyes, my chin, my forehead and the middle of my nose. I contour my cheeks, temples, jaw line and the sides of my nose. I then blend it all together.
– I then apply my Urban Decay bronzer and my Chanel blusher to my cheeks.
– After this I go on to do my eyebrows which I use my collection work colour set and use the middle shade which doesn’t have a name. I then set my eyebrows with the gel which the set comes with.
– For my eyes I start by setting them with the bare minerals primer and then use my avon set ‘Mocha Latte’. For my lids I use the gold colour in the set which doesn’t have a name. For the outer corner of my eye I use my Naked 3 palette and used the shade ‘Mugshot’ which I also gently apply into the crease of my eye. For further definition in my crease I also use the ‘blackheart’ shade that is in the palette. I then blend until I am happy with the look!
– next I apply my eyeliner and mascara!
– Finally I use my Nars lipstick in the colour ‘Scarlett empress’.


After this I went onto my hair. For this look I use my straighteners in order to give big waves into my hair. I start at the top and start curling when I get half way down the hair. I tend to wrap my hair around 3 times and pull it through. After I have done this, I brush through my hair and slightly backcomb the roots. I love this look as it can be worn for a night out or a casually in the day!


It’s not the prettiest selfie I have taken, however this was my final hair and makeup!

Finally, for clothes I picked out a plain black turtle neck swing dress from River Island and partnered it with a pair of black tights, black boots and a black leather jacket. I acessorised this look with a black and gold neckless, my pandora rings and a black bag with gold hems.

IMG_5697This was my final look before I had put on my jacket and bag! For perfume I used my Jo Malone Nectarine blossom and honey!

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed!

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