First few weeks of university

On returning from reading week, I thought it would be a good idea to reflect on my first 7 weeks at uni. Moving nearly 6 hours from home I can honestly say that it has been an overwhelming experience. When my parents left on my first night, I didn’t think that I would ever settle in to this new life. After a few drunken nights out and lots of friendly conversations I found my place at uni.

It’s a fact, fresher’s week will be the messiest week of your life. If you’re like me you’ll probably drink 2 bottles of wine just on pre-drinks purely so you’ll have the courage to talk to people when you’re out and you probably won’t stop drinking. The next morning your flat mates will come in and tell you how drunk you were and you’ll never want to show your face again. This won’t stop after fresher’s week. Despite all of this fresher’s week is the most exciting experience. you’ll forget about the people you’ve left at home and you will concentrate on making new friends and simply having a good time.

Walking into my first lecture was a really daunting experience. With nearly 300 students in one room and not a single recognisable face I think it is easy for freshers to forget that everyone is in the same boat. No one knows anyone which is what makes it so easy to talk to people, as everyone wants to make friends. Ask to sit with someone; you never know it could turn into a beautiful friendship. The first seminars can also be a frustrating experience as every lecturer will get you to say something interesting about yourself. If you are like me you will try your hardest to be the last person to say anything as you simply can’t think of something interesting and the most you can come up with is “I love Harry Potter”. If I can give one helpful bit of advice to anyone coming to university, it would be to spend your summer thinking about this question!

Studying English and Journalism one thing I’ve had to get used to is going up to complete strangers and asking their opinions on things they probably don’t even care about. On being set my first assignment to write an article this was the most traumatic experience. After spending hours just thinking of an idea for my article, then came the interviewing. This wasn’t easy as it took hours trying to find people who were free to talk or simply wanted to talk to me. However, on approaching the deadline for my second article, I have found it a lot easier to approach people. This could be due to fact that I’ve now done it before, but I’ve also realised that the past 7 weeks of my life, I have been approaching complete strangers in the hope for a friendly conversation.

On returning to university after reading week, I have realised just how much my life has truly changed. With most of sixth form friends still at uni I found myself wishing to come back to Falmouth. Despite only knowing uni friends for 7 weeks, I genuinely missed them on my week at home as I wasn’t surrounded by them 24/7. I also realised that a lot has changed at home and how much I’d actually missed whilst at uni. This wasn’t easy, however, after being reminded that I’ve had the best 7 weeks of my life, I realised that loved ones at home don’t forget you and you’re always in their hearts. By the end of the week I was so frustrated as I simply wanted to be back living my new Cornish lifestyle.




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